Full Support To Teknosab From Investment Support And Promotion Agency Of Turkey
Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey that was established to promote and introduce for investments met with representatives of the automotive sector at the service building of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. While Mr. Cüneyt Şener, one of the board members stated that Bursa would become centre of high-tech investments with Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) project, Mr. Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu, the head of Public-Private Sector Partnership Collaboration, also mentioned about the interest of foreign investor to Bursa.
In the meeting carried out at service building og BTSO, future of the automotive sector was the main topic. Giving a speech in the meeting in which representatives of leading companies in the automotive industry participated, Mr. Şener said that the automotive industry would be locomotive sector of Turkish economy with production, employment and export value. Mr. Cüneyt Şener stated that they formed the sector councils as of  Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and by setting the common mind of city in motion, they determined new strategies for the future of sector. Giving indication that Bursa is a city as a steering to Turkish economy, Mr. Şener said that they aimed to make Bursa the centre of high-tech production and export for the future through TEKNOSAB Project because of the industrial requirements for new investment fields. Mr. Cüneyt Şener said, "TEKNOSAB, that we have completed in a short period of 9 months, would ensure that our city would hold its leading chair in accordance withthe urban objectives thanks to its modern infrastructure, logistic facilities and value added production."
“Investments will see here the light of day”
Mr. Baran Çelik, head of automotive council of BTSO, also stated that Bursa is the leading city for automotive sector in Turkey. Stating that BTSO gave a new acceleration to sector with recent works, Mr. Çelik said “We consider that the meeting carried out by Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey was very significant. Especially, I believe that the automotive sector would improve within the borders of this region and also the investments should be made heavily here”.  
Mr. Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu, the head of Public-Private Sector Partnership Collaboration Department gave information about the works they did in his speech after he  extended his thanks to BTSO for their kind invitation. Stating that the agency working under the Prime Ministry was established for international investments but also it takes important task to improve the investment environment in Turkey, Mr. Dağlıoğlu said “The automotive sector is a sector integrated with qualified employees, export and high technology. We started a high-level working to measure competitiveness on the global level”. Then he said “We would present the results of the meeting we carried out with the participation of representatives of Bursa business world to the top decision makers.”.
Explaining that foreign investors have closely been following what has been going on in Bursa, Mr. Dağlıoğlu said: “Everyone wonders Bursa. It is not easy to seek suitable industrial estate for each of them. The TEKNOSAB project that is set forth as a vision in this scope, is very important. We would like to support this important project“.
In the meeting, the representatives of automotive sector expressed their problems and anticipations.  Mr. Ömer Demirbilek, the head of TEKNOSAB, made a presentation about works carried out in the region and also officers of Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey shared data related to automotive sector.